Prepare yourself for 2023.

29.06 – 01.07.2023
Passau, Bavaria.
Warm-Up on 29.06.2023.

Line-Up 2023

DŸSE, The Necromancers, Weedpecker, Velvet Two Stripes, The Heavy Minds, Cone, Minus Green, Intra, Stonetree, Caged Wolves & more tba.

Freier Eintritt bei über 400km Anreise

Unser Blackdoor Inflationsbonus: Alles wird teurer, das soll dich aber nicht daran hintern neue und alte Freunde beim Blackdoor Festival zu treffen, Musik im wunderschönen Passau zu genießen und uns 2023 (wieder oder zum ersten mal) zu besuchen.

Wir schenken dir den Eintritt, melde dich einfach bei unser Weltenbummler-Liste an. Mehr dazu unter

Lineup 2022
Tides From Nebula, Greenleaf, Valle of the Sun, Enigma Experience, Wedge, Savanah, Swan Valley Heights, Cone, Ozymandias, Les Lekin, The Strange Seeds, Scorched Oak, Bazodee

Lineup 2019
Monkey3, DŸSE, Deville, Mother Engine, Steak, Cone, Timestone, Willow Child, Taming the Shrew, Sleeping Tree, White Noise Generator, Godsground

We already had & have the honor to present you the following. 
Greenleaf, Tides from Nebula, The Atomic Bitchwax, Scorched Oak, Les Lekin, Savanah, My Sleeping Karma, Monkey3, Nightstalker, DŸSE, Enigma Experience, Valley Of The Sun, Steak, Black Rainbows, High Reeper, Swan Valley Heights, Kamchatka, Willow Child, The Loranes, Wedge, Sonic Force, Beesus, Ozymandias, Caged Wolves, Parasol Caravan, Cone, Mother Engine, The Necromancers, Swanmay, Fvzz Popvli, Deville, The Howling Muffs, Timestone, Taming The Shrew, Sleeping Tree, White Noise Generator, Desert Fountain, Godsground, Leviathan Rising, Abstractyss, Final Impact and many more to come, we promise.

With the Blackdoor music festival we would like to provide live-music-lovers a new opportunity to enjoy some handpicked stoner- / blues- and psychedelic-rock bands in lower Bavaria and our surroundings. The focus of our new in- and outdoor event series lies on providing a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy hand-made music while having some great times together as organizers and audience.


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